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Please read a note on the possibility of our site being hacked!
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In response to a Google notice that our site may have been hacked  (no direct evidence, just a possibility), I have taken the following action to insure your safety in using this site:

Sitelock has been activated to scan our files online daily, to remove or block out any potentially orrupted file. Sitelock is a product of a company with that name with whom our host GoDaddy partners for this purpose. We installed their Premium version for maximum protection.

 I have replaced the all of the site pages as they were recently with pages from a backup from over 18 months ago, so as to delete any material that may have been hacked, therefore removing any hacker's code.

And, for those of you who are computer savvy, I have titled this page Index, and have removed the former Default page so that any residual former links to our page will not be able to link to our home page..

As long as there are hackers, there willl be the posibility of being hacked.  That is one of the realities of the Internet.  However, we are attempting to stay ahead of them.

Thank you.   Lane Bond, Webmaster


For questions about the site contact the webmaster:  Lane Bond: